Eternal Blues – 72 hours update

It’s been three days since launch.  The exposure “Eternal Blues” got  is mind blowing – first day was very quiet, but then I had over 5,000 visits in 2 days (way more than I imagined). Actually, this traffic peak is all thanks to Tal Be’ery, Mirko Zorz (Help Net Security, Twitter) and Bleeping Computer (Twitter) – without your help, I bet I had only 100 visitors for this weekend. So one big THANK YOU for the three of you!

I got a few appreciation emails – people actually found vulnerable computers, which is fantastic. I also got a few people wondering about some false positives (work in progress fixed!), asking for feature requests and suggesting improvements. This is all truly amazing. and also a lot to process in such a short time. All, please be patient, I’ll do my best answering you all and fixing wherever needed. Stay tuned.

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